The 2nd Annual European Croc Networking Meeting was held at Krokodille Zoo in Eskilstrup, Denmark from 6-8 October, 2017 with an attendance of 54 number of participants from 10 countries. Located in the rural area of Falster, our host held up their Viking spirit!


James Hennessy

Director, National Reptile Zoo

Conservation education

Michael Axelsson


University of Gothenburg

blood flow patterns, shunt capacity in wild crocs

Colleen Farmer

Professor Trinity College Dublin

Cardiopulmonary systems, behaviour, Archosaur evolution

Stephan Reber

Postdoc, University of Lund

Behavioural capacities, vocal communications

Tobias Wang

Professor, Aarhus University

Comparative physiology, cardiovascular function in diving & digestion

Libor Kopecny

Crocodile Zoo Prague

Husbandry, conservation, outreach

Imreël van der Sloot

Ecology & Wildlife Student

Proyecto Yacare

Iri Gill

Chester Zoo

Zoo capacity for conservation & research initiatives

Jon Hutton

Director, Luc Hoffman Institute

African crocodilians, conservation

Rob Gandola

PhD, University College Dublin

population biology, genetics, threats

Rene Hedegaard

Director, Krokodille Zoo



4-6pm: Registration and tent set-up

6-8pm: Workshop: How to make the most of this meeting & Dinner


8-9: Registration (Breakfast for campers)

900-905: Opening (A. Pearcy)

905-1030: Flash presentations

1030-1100: BREAK

1100-1215: Flash presentations

1215-1230: Question session

1230-1400: LUNCH

1400-1600: Networking activity

1600-1800: Tour of Krokodille Zoo

1800: Dinner and Social



830-930: Breakfast (for campers)

930-1100: Discussion group: What to do next- for young researchers, experts welcome.




Organising Committee

Agata Staniewicz & Ashley Pearcy

The 5th Annual European Croc Networking Meeting will be held at Protivin Zoo in Protivin, Czech Republic from 16-18 October, 2020

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