The 3rd Annual European Croc Networking Meeting was held at La Planète des Crocodiles in Civaux, France from 5-7 October, 2018 with an attendance of 49 number of participants from 11 countries. This was the first year for the addition of the poster session.

Miroslav Procházka

Director, Protivin Crocodile Zoo

ex-situ conservation, reproductive biology of critically endangered crocodilians

Phoebe Griffith

Research student

University of Oxford/ ZSL/Himalayan Nature

Gharial ecology and conservation in Nepal

Eddy Even

Biology & Conservation Teacher

Fundraising, ex situ conservation, keeper

Polly Russell

University of Bristol

Paleontology,fossil crocs of Morocco, mass extinction

Olivier Marquis

Curator, Reptiles, Amphibians & Invertebrates, Paris Zoo

Behaviour, habitat use, ecotoxicology

Ashley Pearcy Buitenwerf

Researcher, Aarhus University

Ecology, conservation & outreach



4-6pm: Registration

6-8pm: Workshop: How to make the most of this meeting & Dinner


830-900: Breakfast (for campers) and shuttle to zoo

930-940: Welcome & Registration

940-1020: Flash presentations

1020-1050: BREAK

1050-1150: Flash presentations

1200-1300: LUNCH

1300-1340: Flash presentations

1340-1420: Opportunities Discussion

1420-1600: Networking activity

1800-2200: Dinner and Social


900-945: Breakfast (for campers), shuttle to zoo

1000-1100: Poster session

1100-1200: Discussion group: What to do next- for young researchers, experts welcome.

1200: Light lunch and farewell

Student Poster Winner:

Cédric Orlando



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Organising Committee

David Oudjani, Ashley Pearcy Buitenwerf, Agata Staniewicz

The 5th Annual European Croc Networking Meeting will be held at Protivin Zoo in Protivin, Czech Republic from 16-18 October, 2020

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